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Eye-catching Inkjet Printer Enhance Appeal Of Advertising Industry
- Sep 28, 2017 -

With the rapid development of economy , the adverting industry has presented vigorous development situation. Demand for advertising such as real estate and urban transportation is getting higher and higher. The printing technology in advertising industry has underwent continuously improvement    图片2.jpg

Below are some printing methods on advertising industry.

Outdoor printing: It possesses some advantages like waterproof and fastness. Besides, it can print some large format materials. But its negative aspect is apparent, it often get poor image quality because of the low image accuracy and serious color distortion.

Indoor realistic printing: the picture is exquisite and high quality. Barely color distortion make the great image effect. But the weakness are fairly obvious, it is only suitable for soft plane materials, resulting in non-waterproof and fade easily quality. Embossed printing effect and large format materials are not available. Therefore, it can not satisfy the diverse demand.


However, inkjet printing, as a new technology, blend with all characteristics of all the above technology which is waterproof, fastness and high precision. Inkjet printer is equipped with UV led lamp that can dry the ink once it ejects onto the materials. The operation is automatically and easy which is labor-saving and can operated by one person. It is well suitable for mass production and customized.


If you are looking for a printer for advertising printing. DEM-JET Printer is an ideal choice. DMBYC provides printers from A4 to A0 size with high resolution satisfy all your needs. The image quality is pretty good. Our inkjet printer is multifunctional which can directly print in the commonly used advertising materials ( KT board / PVC / wood frame / glossy paper / pictorial cloth etc.) . With high-tech and special ink, the image is waterproof, fastness and scratch-resistant that extremely fits with both indoor and outdoor material printing. If you are interested in our printer, please do not hesitate to contact us .