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How To Keep UV Printer As Its Best Working Condition ?
- Sep 28, 2017 -

  UV printer is a delicate and complex equipment. Its economical, fast imaging and convenient features satisfy the requirement of the customers. With the further decline in prices UV printer is rapidly occupied the printing industry market.


UV Flatbed printer is controlled by a specialized software from which you modify the picture. The  non-contact print head will eject ink onto a variety of materials , so as to obtain high-precision pattern products.

UV flatbed printer is expensive. In order to create the highest efficiency and print out the best pattern, we must give it well protection to keep it at the best working condition.


Correct use of printer

The first thing is cultivating a good operating habit when you use the printer. Many people prefer to switch off the power before close the printer. It is extremely harmful for the printer.


A good operating environment


Second, pay more attention to the print head. The condition of print head is the biggest threat to the printer. There are plenty tiny nozzles within the print head. The dirty dust can get into easily and clog these nozzles that affects the printing quality. Therefore , it should be operate at a clean and environment.

The temperature range of the printer's working environment should not be too large, because there are not only a large number of metal parts, but also contains many engineering plastic components and the nozzle aperture is very small, if the ambient temperature changes too fast, the thermal expansion will cause excessive wear of mechanical parts that clogs nozzles and affects the print quality.


The routine maintenance of UV printer is an essential work to keep it at the best condition. A good operating environment, the correct use of methods, as well as the usual cleaning and maintenance, can reduce the printer failure rate, virtually improve the effective working hours of the printer.


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