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Is Inkjet Printer Suitable For Ceramic Printing?
- Sep 28, 2017 -

  In recent year, with the increasing standards of peoples material living, the requirements for the living quality are raised correspondingly. Background wall has a good prospect. As we all know, ceramic tile background wall is common decoration for home. In order to show out our own unique style and well combine with the interior decoration, we can choose style that we love with a matching printing of background to create a comfortable and unique atmosphere.



Nowadays , many ceramic tiles are printed by inkjet printers. Inkjet printer plays an increasingly important role in individuality and customization in background wall industry.


With UV printer, people can print ceramic tile with 3D embossed effect. The way it works is that there are some base lines set by drawing software , the printer pile up the white ink first then recover the other colors . the printed thickness up to 5mm.

Compared with traditional printing method, Inkjet printing is much more easy to operate. There is only need a USB cable to connect the computer and then you can print the ceramic out in one effort. There is no need to prepare color register plates and patterns in advance. In addition. Inkjet printer adopts exclusive UV ink which is safe and environment friendly. It is waterproof and abrasion resistance which has the clear advantage over traditional printing methods.


If you are looking for a ceramic printer , DEM-JET-2513UV is a ideal choice for you .it is a large format printer which is suitable for ceramic printing in mass production. its robust 250 * 130 cm UV printing size delivers remarkable efficiency and versatility print.

If you wold like to know more about DEM-JET product, please contact us for details.