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Printer Features
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1, the operation simply facilitates

No plate and repeat the registration process, operation is simple and easy to maintain;

2, print speed

Low cost, high speed printing fully applicable to industrial mass production;

3, overcoming the boundaries of materials

Any media can be printed within a specified thickness, completely overcome the traditional print and special specifications can only be used with special paper, you can use very thin or very thick objects, their thickness can be achieved: 0.01mm--200mm.

4, meet a variety of shapes

Flat, curved and rounded, without restriction.

5, height adjustment and volume setting

According to printing to adjust the height of the object, using the horizontal movable vertical Jet structure, can be free to use various raw materials. Easily place automatically after lifting the right print height. And are free to set the mass production of automatic feeding time, dispense with the duplicate computer steps.