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efi flatbed printer

  • A3 Diy Digital Flatbed T-shirt Printer

    A3 Diy Digital Flatbed T-shirt PrinterAdvanced mechanical structure improves value-added print products - Unlike conventional models, the print table moves during printing to reduce printer unit vibration. The table is precisely controlled to improve ink dot placement. - Direct printing on objects of up to 50 mm in thickness. -...Read More

  • Small Format Flatbed Inkjet Printer Manufacturers

    Small Format Flatbed Inkjet Printer Manufacturersit is not subject to any material restrictions, you can print on T-shirts, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic , Metal, plastic, stone, leather and so on by any image , and close to the original images to the maximum extent No need to make a printing plate, color...Read More